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FACT:  90% of all stock market profits are made by only 10% of those engaged in online stock trading.  Don't become a trading statistic.  Education is the key!

Yes, you not only must have the the best trading tools available, but you must become skilled at using them.  This is not a profession where you can do a mediocre job and bring home the bacon.  Why is this?  Because the stock market is a zero sum game.  That is, if you add up the wins and losses from all traders, you get zero.  Actually, it's less than a zero sum because there are commissions and slippage expenses.   

Due to its nature, a zero sum game promotes an almost ruthless competition, because you you end up with a double or nothing scenario.

If you don't win, you simply are not short of your winnings, but you lose something you already had as well, in this case, your trading account.  Why do you need to know this?  Because it helps you understand the seriousness of those involved. 

Walk down the street and try to take someone's wallet from them and see the reaction you get!  Most are very committed to keeping what belongs to them.  So don't expect anything less if you get involved in trading stocks.  Experienced and educated traders are able to make tremendous profits because of one simple fact:

New,  uneducated traders exist in the stock market!

Don't become a sheep that is part of the trading herd being fleeced by the educated few.  If you are like most new stock traders, your trading account doesn't grow consistently every month.  So, if your trading is producing losses instead of profits, or only producing winners some of the time, then logic dictates that something different is needed?   

Insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Albert Einstein

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