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Only Indiana Jones was successful in searching for the Holy Grail!




Don't fall into the trap of searching for the Holy Grail of technical analysis?  There are traders who try one indicator for awhile and when success doesn't come, they move on to another hoping to find profits hidden within the indicator itself?  At one time I did this too!

The truth be told, several indicators work well, if you really know how to read them.  The lack of success in trading often comes not from not having the "right" indicator, but from not learning to read it properly.  A logical examination will tell you this is true.  Almost all indicators are built using the open, close, high, low and volume, or some of these.  There are only so many relevant combinations of this data.  So while a pursuit in an indicator that will provide you with magical insight that no one else has, sounds adventures, it is futile.

The key is not just finding the right technical tools.  There are several useful charting tools available.  The key is learning which ones to use together and to use them properly!  This is the "art of trading".  While it is an art, it is not hard to learn, but honestly it does take time.  If it didn't we would all be millionaires! 

The problem many face today, is that we live in an instant gratification society.  So many habitually, if they don't get what they are looking for immediately, look somewhere else, when in some cases, like trading, all you have to do is exert yourself a little to really understand how an indicator works and you can find the success you were looking for.  This is only one of the pit falls new traders suffer from.

It reminds me of when I was a little child and my father would take me fishing.  I was so impatient.  I would throw my line in and if a fish didn't bite within a minute, I would reel it in and cast it out somewhere else.  My Dad, would smile, while he patiently waited with his line in place.  At the end of the afternoon, as usual, we would go home.  I would be empty handed and he would be carrying 3 or 4 fish.

So what is needed is knowledge and a systematic way of applying that knowledge so your success or failure can be measured..  A streamed lined way to gain  a systematic application of knowledge is the "franchise method".

If you are looking for an encyclopedia on trading, this is not it.  If however you would like to reap the benefits of a simple, precise mechanical approach to trading that is straight forward and easy to understand, then don't wait another day, order this book today.  Never traded before?  No problem, I won't throw you to the sharks!  I'll show you the basics step by step of what you need to know to effectively use this amazingly simple strategy and I'll give you $237.90 in free educational materials.  Just look and see what others have to say after reading and putting this manual to use.


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